Exclusive: Holly Bobo killer Zachary Adams a psychopathic white supremacist?

Bh_xD5OCMAArMvQLaw enforcement just announced that Zachary Adams has been indicted with aggravated kidnapping and the first degree felony murder of 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo. Law enforcement say they believe Holly was killed during her abduction.

Just who is 29-year-old Zachary Adams? His facebook page paints him in a negative light. He lists two books as his favorite. One is “The Turner Diaries.” A book authored by a leader of a white nationalist organization. A book that fantasizes about overthrowing the United States government during a violent revolution. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes this book as a “bible for the racist right.”

The second book “The 48 Laws of Power”  is a book popular with prison inmates. It is about obtaining power.

Right before Adams was indicted on murder he was charged with assault after allegedly putting a knife and a gun to a female’s head. It’s been alleged that Adams was stalking Holly before she vanished.

Zachary adams

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Latest in the search for missing TN nursing student Holly Bobo

imagesThe investigation into the mysterious disappearance of missing West Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo is heating up. Bobo vanished from her home in April of 2011, her brother claims he witnessed his sister being lead away into the woods by a man dressed in camouflage.

Now almost 3 years later, investigators are searching a property in Decatur County, Tennessee for Holly. Underwater cameras are being used to search wells, backhoes are being used, abandoned homes have been searched as well as ponds. All of this is happening 15 miles from Bobo’s residence.

A possible suspect may also have been identified. The search is happening on the property of Zachary Adams grandfather, where Zachary Adams lived. Adams has been arrested for assault, he is currently behind bars on a $1 million bond. He allegedly put a gun and a knife to a female and threatened to gut her. It’s also been alleged that Adams is involved in meth.

Law enforcement have removed several items of interest from the property, including a PT cruiser that was riddled with what appeared to be bullet holes.

According to some locals this property has been searched before, and Adams and another male were allegedly stalking Bobo before she vanished.

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Verdict in the shooting death of Jacksonville teen Jordan Davis

47-year-old Michael Dunn was convicted on 4 out of 5 charges for shooting at a Durango filled with teenagers at a gas station in Florida, the day after Thanksgiving. Dunn was found guilty for three second degree attempted murder charges, for killing friends of Jordan Davis. The jury deadlocked on the killing of Jordan Davis.

Davis claims he pulled up to a gas station in Jacksonville after attending his sons wedding, and the group of teens were playing rap music very loudly, he complained and exchanged heated words with 17-year-old Jordan Davis. He claims he saw a gun, and that Davis threatened him. However no gun was found.

State attorney Angela Corey said she will retry the case.

Dunn faces a minimum of 60 years in prison for the counts he was convicted of.

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Profile of the jury deciding Michael Dunn’s fate

michael dunn

The website Court Chatter, has a breakdown of the jury deciding the fate of Michael Dunn accused of gunning down an unarmed black teenager Jordan Davis in Jacksonville. It is an interesting read, click here to read it: http://www.courtchatter.com/p/michael-dunn-jurors.html?spref=tw

Here are some of the jurors I think are pro prosecution due to the fact they have teenage sons. I doubt they will harshly judge a group of teens who play music too loud, because their teens may also play their music loud.  One woman also works at a bank that has been robbed at gun point and doesn’t like guns.

Juror #2: Indian female who works in family medicine and has two teenage sons.

Juror #3: white female that is divorced, owns guns she inherited in divorce, but doesn’t use them. She also has two teenage sons.

Juror #6: He is Hispanic, has three sons. One is 18-years-old, the other two in their 20′s. One was arrested for a  misdemeanor.

Juror #10: She works at a bank that has been robbed at gun point. She doesn’t like gun.

There are no jurors that strike me as particularly pro defense, except maybe Juror #1, who is a white male and retired. His children are in their 40′s, so that means he is up there in the age department. There is also a juror that likes to skeet shoot and a single white female that owns a revolver, but I don’t think just because someone is a gun owner means that they will automatically be more sympathetic to Dunn.

There is also a woman who served on a civil jury in the past. She could be a leader in the jury room.


Here are some of the questions the jury has asked so far according to HLNTV.com:

1) Is the defense of self-defense separate for each person in each count?

2) Are we determining if deadly force is justified against each person in each count?

3) If we determine deadly force is justified against one person, is it justified against the others?

This could be troubling for the prosecution if they think he was justified in shooting one of the teens, and think that some of the others were simply “caught in the cross fire.” Could this mean that some on the jury actually believe that Davis was acting so threatening towards Dunn that Dunn was justified?

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The case against Michael Dunn

untitledThe prosecution has just rested their case against accused murderer Michael Dunn. Dunn, a white 47-year-old Florida man is standing trial for shooting an unarmed black 17-year-old named Jordan Davis the day after Thanksgiving, 2012.

Davis and three friends were parked at a gas station in Jacksonville playing loud rap music, when the defendant and his fiancée pulled up. Dunn became enraged at the volume of the music and called it ”thug music” to his girlfriend. Dunn asked the teens to turn the music down, and then all hell broke loose.

“F**k that, n****r, turn it back up” was the response 17-year-old Davis gave when his friend 18-year-old Tevin Thompson, in the front passenger seat of the Dodge Durango, agreed to Dunn’s request to turn the music down. A heated verbal altercation ensued between Davis, and Dunn.

Dunn’s defense claims Davis tried to get out of the car, however Thompson said that Davis would be unable to do so, because someone would have to unlock the door for him, because it had child locks on it.

Thompson also testified that when another friend came back from inside the store to get into the Durango, that he turned the music down to tell him what had happened between Davis and Dunn, he then testified that Dunn’s last words were: “Are you talking to me?” And then Dunn reached inside his glove compartment, got out a gun, and fired it directly at Jordan Davis.

Thompson’s testimony that Dunn pointed the gun directly at Jordan Davis is critical because in order for the prosecution to get a first degree murder conviction they have to prove intent.

Thompson also says that they put the Durango in reverse, and that defendant Dunn kept shooting at the car. Dunn continued shooting at the car, even while he was driving away.

One of Jordan’s friends testified that Jordan was grasping for air, and his head fell into his lap, when he touched his Jordan’s chest he got blood on his hands.

The defense of Michael Dunn is that he felt threatened and that he thought he saw what appeared to be a gun inside the Durango (which had tinted windows). Dunn is using the controversial stand your ground defense.

The only weapon found inside the vehicle was a pocket knife belonging to the victim, it was found in his pocket, Jordan’s friends testified that the only thing Jordan had in his hands during the verbal altercation with Dunn was his cell phone.

The defense is attacking the credibility of the driver of the Durango, Tommie Strones who was on felony probation at the time of the shooting for a third degree felony.

The defense also theorizes that when Jordan’s friends got out of the Durango to check on him that they also disposed of the gun. The defense is also attacking the way law enforcement handled the crime scene. Dunn’s defense argues that police didn’t shut down the parking lot when they arrived on the scene and they never looked for a gun that could have been disposed of.

However, that argument may not carry much weight. A witness, Alyssa LeBlack testified that she was leaving a restaurant next to the gas station and witnessed everything. She says she never once witnessed the teens take anything out of the vehicle. Her testimony is corroborated by her brother Christopher.

Before the prosecution rested their case against Dunn they called medical examiner Stacey Simons to the stand. She testified that Davis had three bullets enter his body.

Jacksonville detective Andrew Kipple also testified against Dunn. Kipple testified that the driver, and the passenger barely escaped being shot. The Durango had nine bullet holes in it.

After the shooting instead of calling 911, Dunn and his girlfriend drove to their hotel room and ordered pizza, and then drove to their South Florida home where he was arrested. The couple was in Jacksonville to attend the wedding of Dunn’s son.

The defense is currently putting on their case, and when they wrap it up, I will recap the highlights.

What do you all think? Weigh in what you think the verdict will be. Did the state prove first degree murder? Did the defense poke holes in the credibility of Jordan’s friends?

While this case is being compared to Zimmerman, it is much different. Zimmerman did have injuries, a physical altercation did happen between Trayvon and Zimmerman. Here we have a verbal argument. Zimmerman also called 911 and was on the phone with them before the shooting, Dunn and his wife went to their hotel, ordered pizza, had rum and coke and watched a movie before taking off to their South Florida home.

The case against Dunn is much stronger, and the circumstances are much different. I don’t see Dunn getting away, but we’ve seen defendants walk in Florida… Dare I say the name Casey Anthony? We’ll see what happens…

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Jane Velez-Mitchell appears on the Levi Page Show!

untitledHLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell appeared on my show tonight to discuss her captivating book on the Jodi Arias case. Her book, Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias takes readers inside the mind of one of the most high-profile killers of our time, and documents the trial that kept America on the edge of their seats as the lies and jealousy of Arias unraveled in an Arizona courtroom. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE JANE’S BOOK.

Listen to the interview:

Additionally, I discussed the shocking not guilty verdict in the trial of two former Orange County, California police officers who beat a mentally ill homeless man, Kelly Thomas to death. The jury deliberated two days and then decided that Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were not guilty.

Here is the video of the beating. Warning, it is very graphic and disturbing.

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Two California cops on trial for beating homeless man to death


Two former Fullerton, CA police officers charged in the death of Kelly Thomas.

The trial of two former cops, Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos, just wrapped up in Orange County, CA and is in the hands of a jury. They are charged with the beating death of a mentally ill homeless man.

Ramos, who the prosecutor called a “bully,” is heard on the video that captured the beating saying: “See these fists? They’re getting ready to fuck you up.” Their defense is that the victim Kelly Thomas, had a diseased heart due to years of drug abuse, and that’s what killed him.

I discuss the trial tonight on the launch of my new show at 10 PM ET / 9 CT! Listen here: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=131567&cmd=tc

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The Levi Page Show returns 1/9 10 PM ET!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas, and have a great 2014 ahead of you. I’m excited to announce that I will be bringing back my show! I will be broadcasting Live every Thursday night at 10 PM ET / 9 CT / 7 PT discussing the latest high-profile trials, crime stories, and current events that have captivated the country.

My show will be broadcast on TalkShoe.com and you can listen Live every Thursday at 10 PM ET, at: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=131567&cmd=tc

I hope you all tune in, I will have a Live chat room open during the show and will be taking listener calls during the show.


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“Killer bride” Jordan Graham pleads guilty

imagesJordan Lin Graham, a 22-year-old woman has been in federal court this week standing trial for the murder of her husband, of only 8 days, Cody Johnson. Prosecutors say that she wasn’t satisfied in her new marriage and decided to push him off a cliff at Glacier Mountain Park in Missoula, Montana.

She claimed it was all an accident, that he grabbed her during an argument, and that she pushed him to get him off of her and he fell. However, she has now plead guilty, and told the judge that it was a “reckless act.” Graham struck a deal with prosecutors, and in exchange for her guilty plea prosecutors agreed to drop the first degree murder charge, and a charge of lying to investigators.

Graham had lied to police when she initially claimed she wasn’t at the park with her husband. She claimed that Johnson had taken a car trip with friends. However, there were surveillance photos that placed both she and Cody Johnson at the park together.

The deal was announced right before closing arguments were about to take place. After her lies unraveled in court, Graham most likely knew she didn’t have a chance to get away with murder.

Graham could now face the rest of her life in prison, or a minimum of  235 months in prison. It is up the judge. The federal sentencing guidelines are flexible.

Resources: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/12/justice/montana-newlywed-death-trial/

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Prosecutors expose the lies of alleged killer Jordan Graham

untitled22-year-old Montana woman Jordan Graham is facing murder charges after her newlywed husband (of 8 days), Cody Johnson, was discovered face down at the bottom of a cliff in July 11th, at Glacier National Park.

Now Graham is facing second degree murder charges and her trial is currently underway in federal court (because Johnson’s death occurred at a national park). Prosecutors claim Graham pushed her husband off the cliff, while she claims she acted in self defense. Graham says that she and her husband were having an argument, and the entire thing was an accident.

During opening statements, Prosecutors say that Graham was having second thoughts on her new marriage, and that was the motive behind the murder. Additionally, the prosecution pointed out that Johnson vanished July 7th and 4 days later Graham led friends and relatives of her husband, to the spot where his body was discovered.

Graham claims that she just speculated that her husband would be there, and she says she was never at the park. However, detectives caught her in a lie, when they obtained surveillance photos of the newlyweds entering the park. But that’s not the only lie prosecutors attributed to Graham. She initially claimed that her husband went on a car trip with friends the day he went missing.

Moreover, Graham never reported her husband missing. Instead he was reported missing when he did not show up for work. Furthermore, during an interrogation with the FBI Graham admits she could have walked away during the argument, but out of anger she pushed him. Unfortunately, that statement occurred during the first hour and 20 minutes of her interrogation, and that part was not recorded. The defense claims that the admission from Graham was coerced.

Kimberly Martinez and Jennifer Toren, friends of Jordan Graham, testified regarding the text messages they exchanged with Graham. In one text message Graham said that she was going to confront her husband about their martial doubts on the same day that he went missing.

The prosecution is using this to bolster their argument that the murder was planned, but the defense could use it to their advantage, because in one message she claimed her husband had a temper. She also complained about her sexual relationship with Johnson, “I just know he is gonna wanna do stuff I’m not wanting to.”

The jury is composed of 6 women and 8 men, including two alternates. However, there is some evidence that Judge Donald W. Molloy refused to allow in the trial. Evidence this jury will not hear about. The judge claimed it was “too prejudicial.”

That evidence includes statements Graham made about killing her mother and stepfather, as well as a blindfold found next to the body, which indicated she could have blindfolded him before pushing him.




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