Lawsuit against blogger prinnie dismissed!

Some bloggers got a late Christmas present. The defamation lawsuit against Ohio based blogger “Prinnie,” and commenters on her blog, have been dismissed with prejudice, and cannot be refiled again.

Prinnie and her blog commenters were being sued because of their aggressive and passionate coverage of the rape of a West Virginia teen. Two star football players for the Steubenville High Big Red are currently facing charges. This rape case has rocked the small town of Steubenville.

A teammate of the two accused, Cody Saltsman, who has not been charged, posted photographs of the victim on his social media accounts calling her a whore, and describing her as “sloppy.”

Prinnie captured his postings including a photograph of the unconscious victim and posted them on her website.

To read more about the dismissal with a statement from Prinnie, Cody Saltsman, and others, go here:

For more about the background of this horrific rape, please read this excellent article by the New York Times:

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