Brett Seacat expected to take the stand, will he dig himself into a deeper hole?

SeacatCourt1_052711Brett Seacat is expected to take the stand in his own defense in a trial where he is accused of shooting his wife and setting the family home on fire. He claims that his wife Vashti was depressed and committed suicide.

But why is Seacat taking the stand in his own defense? The prosecutor is going to tear him apart. There is more than a mountain of evidence against this former cop. Brian Carol with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation testified for the prosecution and said that he discovered a power point presentation on the dining room table that was about death investigations involving fires and how investigators determine whether the death is suicide or homicide.

In the power point presentation it points out that it is hard to determine the cause of death of the victim because the burns destroy tissues and make it difficult. Is that why Seacat set the home on fire? Hoping it would burn her body so badly and the bullet holes in her head would not be discovered?

That is a smoking gun for the prosecution and proves premeditation. How is he also going to explain away confessing that he murdered his wife to their marriage counselor?¬†For someone who was a police instructor, he did a terrible job at planning and executing the “perfect murder.” He was very reckless in confessing and leaving a trail of his premeditation for investigators to connect right back to him.

In addition to all that, his own coworkers testified against him and said that he was practicing forging documents in his office and burning computer hard-drives.

So what do you think? Good or bad call for Brett Seacat to take the stand in his own defense? He is going to pull a Jodi Arias!

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