Haleigh Cummings update

47603462_132272246821People ask me all the time if there is anything new in the Haleigh Cummings case, sadly updates are few and far between. However, the myriad of unsavory characters that we were introduced to when this 5-year-old child vanished from her home on a cold February night in the small town of Satsuma, Florida cannot seem to stay out of trouble.

As you know, Haleigh’s father Ronald Cummings along with his on-again, off-again lover and last known person to see Haleigh alive, Misty Croslin, are currently serving time in prison for drug dealing. Also serving time for drug dealing is Misty’s brother Tommy.

Misty’s sister-in-law Chelsea Croslin was recently arrested in Putnam County for an outstanding warrant in another state. chelsea

Misty’s father took to twitter to complain about the way the prison guards are treating his family and how he and other members of the family are being investigated for smuggling pot into the prison for Tommy Croslin.

hank croslinI’ve also got news on Ronald Cummings side of the family. I’ve been told that Teresa Neves has been in communication with Misty Croslin, and has been a go between for Misty and her son Ronald. She has sent Ronald letters that Misty has written him. Misty says she loves him and wants to be with him when they get out of prison.

I’ve also been told that Teresa Neves is also suspected of smuggling drugs into the prison for Ronald Cummings.

So there you have it. There isn’t any new developments that I know of in the homicide investigation, but there is always never ending drama that continues to swirl around the Cummings-Croslin clan.

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  1. Myrtle says:

    Thanks for the update, Levi. Same old, same old with that crowd. Not at all surprised. So law enforcement is still “after them”. Imagine that.

    • janetoriti says:

      That child was killed by someone on the inside. They were probably partying with others while he worked and that little girl just got in the way. So sad that they can’t find her. But she knew her killer poor baby. How could you not hear someone walk into that bedroom it isn’t a huge room your talking 3-4 feet between beds. Glad to hear they are all in jail. God has a way of working things out.

  2. Lonetraveler says:

    I would like to see arrests on the drug smuggling into the prison. Surely there are security cameras operating during visitation.

  3. Frannie says:

    Thanks for the update, Levi. At least some folks still have not forgot about this little girl.

  4. wrapitup says:

    Levi, do you have solid Proof that ‘Mother Teresa’ is smuggling in drugs for Ron? I’ve never cared for her but she Can’t be that stupid..especially since she works for LE..or did. I don’t doubt the Croslin clan a bit. If you can offer proof that TN is doing this, please share..otherwise, it’s all conjecture. Thanks!

    • levipageshow says:

      Yes, I know for a fact. I wouldn’t have posted it if I didn’t. I don’t have a video tape of it, so what do you want me to post? Teresa Neves doesn’t even have a job, so I don’t understand your post. Either believe it, or not, I don’t care.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thank you Levi….I think of this precious child often, just like Aliayah Lunsford, Caylee Anthony, Kyron Horman and all the others…baby Lisa…so sad that there are so many that just disappear….Please keep us updated as you can!

  5. Kathie Ash says:

    Defend her? I can’t STAND her. Read my website. I think she knows exactly what happened to HaLeigh. She was there w/in 15 min after Ron allegedly called her. Screw off? LOL. I am a retired PI. I look at FACTS/PROOF. That’s all. WOW!

  6. Toya says:

    I do not understand that if your little girl is missing why any parent will be out selling pain killers. I would be on my knees praying to the LORD 24/7

  7. Hannah Smith says:

    Thank you for the update…I often think of this poor little girl and wonder what sort fate she succumbed to. A very sad story and yet with the drug history of both her mother, father and stepmother, you know that her future was not going to be good. Plus the fact that her father also had a violent temper did not set the table for a very healthy and happy life. Grandpa needs to go back to school and learn some basic grammar skills.

  8. i work with the polly klass Foundation for missing children and this little angel just touched my heart
    I have a page on facebook for missing children and we post flyers as they are sent and i make an extra post for this little one who knows if 3 girls missing for 10 years we have hope

  9. liz ewing says:

    Was any of the neighbors ever investigated or even questioned? It is a small community.
    Strange people live here.

  10. Michele Gouveia Allen says:

    This family is just a sad example of many families in the US today. Drugs are destroying many lives. Someone, if not all of them, know exactly what happened to that little girl and it’s terrible that we probably will never know. At least they are in prison for something – the whole family needs to be locked up at this point. I appreciate the update, Levi – I wish there was more to report.

  11. Stacey says:

    Yes grandpa does need to go to school. Very sad story every way it is looked at

  12. Sandra Hazekamp says:

    Sadly, in these cases its one of these family members.

  13. Lorna Martinez-Garcia says:

    I just saw mystery detectives and a story about Haleigh Cummings…it was reported that this child was taken at night while Misty was asleep. Misty woke up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom and noticed the kitchen light was on and the back door was wide open. But when reporters went to the actual home hours after police were done with the initial investigation, they reported that both the back door and back screen door closed automatically. While the screen door was found propped open with a cinder block, there was no mention the back door was propped open, so how could the back door be wide open if it closed automatically? Misty’s lying or the police messed up and didn’t take fingerprints. One of the reporters opened both the screen door and back door to demonstrate how they closed by themselves. So if it closed automatically there would definitely be fingerprints on the door, the screen door, the cinder block, and the door knobs. Didn’t the police take fingerprints? There was no sign of a break-in, common sense tells you the kidnappers gained access through a door.

    So, if fingerprints were taken and no unusual or unfamiliar fingerprints were found, the kidnapper is friend or family. Were fingerprints taken? What were the results?

  14. Robbie Leverett says:

    I met Ms. Neves at the annual Missing Children’s Day in Tallahassee year before last. She is a very very sad lady who desperately wants her granddaughter back. My heart went out to her for all she has been through. My personal opinion–check out the girl-
    friend and her brother. He was in town visiting and in the original telecast there was info about them partying and etc. I cannot help but feel the girlfriend and her brother are very very much involved in the missing of this beautiful little girl.

  15. Robbie Leverett says:

    I met Ms. Neves at the annual Missing Children’s Day in Tallahassee and she is a very very sad lady who only wants her granddaughter back. She was very nice and we talked awhile. My heart went out to her. Just my personal opinion, I think law enforcement needs to really check on the girlfriend that was babysitting and her brother. In the original telecast it mentioned he was visiting and they were partying and etc. The girlfriend and her brother would be #1 suspects on my list. I think they know exactly what happened. This beautiful little girl does not deserve the kind of life she had. But hopefully this will end well. We can hope!!!

    • levipageshow says:

      Teresa Neves is no victim. She has proven herself to be a conniving, manipulative liar who tried to divert attention away from her son Ronald, and his sex object Misty Croslin and onto all these red herrings.

      I have no sympathy for her at all. As far as I’m concerned she belongs in prison with the druggie, child abusing son she spawned.

      • Lonetraveler says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more, Levi. I’ve always thought that Haleigh was doped up by her father and was locked up in the mobile home that night because he didn’t have a babysitter. Teresa Neves was looking for Misty to go over and babysit. Ronald married Misty to keep her mouth shut about the real story. Great Grandma and Neves knows what really happened.

  16. Debbie says:

    Levi, thanks for this update! I followed this case from the beginning and still think about it sometimes. I always expected someone to give some information that would lead to finding her. At this point, these 3 are just going to serve their sentences and be glad they weren’t charged with murder. Unless someone else has some information, I think it’s hopeless.

  17. Teleny says:

    My feeling is that Misty & Tommy were engaged in a long standing incestuous relationship. Haleigh saw them & Tommy made her disappear.

    Thanks for the update Levi!

  18. Jessa Lia says:

    I’m just baffled that these people can’t even exist without effing up left and right but managed to hide/dispose of body so well. I really really hope she’s found eventually.

  19. Judi says:

    I just watched a documentary about this case on TV yesterday afternoon. It showed how Misty in cuffs pointed out places in the St. Johns River where Haleigh might be found. I remembered earlier in the case hearing about Misty’s cousin coming over the night Haleigh went missing and demanding that Misty give him something of Ronald’s. When she would not, the cousin hurt Haleigh and took her. Whatever happened with those claims? I know I heard it during the investigation.

  20. Cajun says:

    I have read up on this little girl and vaguely recall the amber alert. I have read through a number of these speculations above and one question I see was never asked based on all the information I have gathered through these comments. Drug dealing and addiction usually lead to no money and the need or want for more, no one asked if maybe… they needed money bad enough that they sold the child on the black market (or worse) for money to fuel addiction???? Child pornography has become more of a forefront in the last 10 years and based on what I have read with numerous sex offenders in the general area, it could very well be a possibility….

  21. anthony says:

    I know this family and Hank is right! The police in Florida sucks they are mistreating them and mistreating my friend Misty Croslin as well.. I am at the god damn breaking point!! I am fed up with all the Bull Shit!! I think its time for some thing drastic. I think it may be time to take a little trip down to Florida and take care of this! Misty and her Family are good people. Yeah they have done wrong things but haven’t we all.. No one is perfect! Misty is one of my best friends I know her well what the police is doing to her and her family is wrong.

    • levipageshow says:

      Please tell me, when you take a little trip to Florida what are you going to do to “take care of this”?

    • barbara says:


    • pat says:

      any body that would let this happen to there child (or do it to the child )Do not deserve to be treated well…I have not sympathy for either one….They where doing drugs and selling them around there young children,,,bringing them in harms way …..It was illegal…Pray for them but do not feel sorry for them….they are and probably will continue to feel the wrath of God………you do not hurt children and get away with it

    • Pozelenore says:

      selling off rx drugs okay w/you anthony? cuz we see that ON VIDEO! hoping you do “take care of this” …. you sound like big tuffy Ronnie. Good luck in Florida

  22. bob evans says:

    Ronald has a sad groupie that has come down from out of state and put her own children in danger scarry

  23. A reader says:

    I remember this case so well. Poor little girl born unto a bunch of misfits. I think the back door was open because TWO people carried her from that trailer that night. I think misty got messed up and whoever was with her did something to Haliegh and or she did something herself to her. I never understood how Ron her father could marry her. That makes no sense..something is very wrong here. A normal reaction would be to HATE this person..not to marry her. I would have done something very bad to Misty …myself.. But then again it seems like none of them are playing with a full deck!

    • Hawthorne says:

      Ron married her because he is just as guilty. They are all guilty and I hold them all responsible for the loss of Haliegh. They all know what happened. If Ron was truly not involved there is no way on earth he would have married Misty. There is not a fit parent among them. One can only hope they all remain in prison.

  24. A reader says:

    Or….that back door left like that was staged!….

  25. cherylh says:

    I want this case solved, dang it! Don’t kid yourselves people, Misty knows what happened and she probably knows where Haleigh’s body is. I don’t know what part she played, I hope she wasn’t the one who killed her, but she was either present at the time or right afterwards. I’m doubting the big party or get together because people like this talk. And nobody has really snitched. Oh, they’ve alluded and given snippets of truth, but neither Misty nor Tommy has sat down with cops and told the story from beginning to end. Thinking back to the beginning, I remember cops saying they had reason to believe Misty was gone that night. For argument sake, say she left the kids and little Jr did see somebody take his sister and then saw the bouncing couch. That’s what I think happened. Late in the investigation, Tommy said something about Haleigh being strangled. In my opinion when all this is put together, it sounds like Misty left, some man got in the house, he took Haleigh and then raped and killed her. What happened to the body is the big question. Did the murderer take it or leave it for Misty to find? I never believed Tommy’s crap story about Joe Overstreet, but some of the details rang true. What it sounded like to me, was Tommy replaced his own role with Joe’s name. Ronald called him looking for Misty, so Tommy knew she was gone. After lying and saying he knew nothing, Tommy put himself at the trailer. Did he seize the opportunity to rape and kill? I think so. Also, if you remember- word was that the whole Joe Overstreet story was concocted by Tommy, (in a police car), and he told Misty what to say. That story was all Tommy, all day long and Misty was nothing but a bystander hiding under the covers. Little Jr said he heard squeaky shoes, and for him to notice this noise, the house must have been real quiet-which would mean no party, no screaming psycho Joe, nothing but 1 sneaky man taking Haleigh. I know a lot of people give Tommy a pass and blame Misty for dragging him in this, but I don’t think so.

  26. cherylh says:

    sorry so long winded, lol, I got a little carried away there.

    • pat says:

      I really think she was dropped by the landing near there…..because shortly after that they ruled it a homicide and they new they could get them in jail on the drug charges, but no physical evidence of Haley would hurt them on murder charge…I would like to know what happened to her, but I think she is long gone …..and some story they told was the truth …I almost think they were at a party early on and perhaps Haley was with them and got a hold of some drugs and passed away later that night and they panicked and got rid of the body…Do I think Ronald have anything to do with it………….yes but maybe just being the person putting her in harms way ..My daughter shares her birthday but she was born in 1979 we live abut 25 miles from where this happened and this bothered me so much…especially knowing the dept of children s welfare was involved in this and left this child in Ronald’s care after he had a few run-ins with pushing drugs…the reason the biological mom did not have the kids because she did not have a job and I think she missed a court date, I’m thinking probably about using drugs that Ronald introduced her to at a young age ….Well I think they screwed up on that…I hope everybody figured out there is consequences to our actions…..very very sad

  27. Here is a link to a Petition that was presented to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office on Saturday, 6/14/2014. It has been picked up by national news. No word yet from either recipient of this Petition asking for a fresh look at this yet unsolved missing case.

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  29. Kelsey Nehls says:

    I hope they find the little girl, ive been praying and praying they would. Why would people do that to their own children.

  30. OJ says:

    misty is innocent

  31. riley roman says:

    they will all stand before God one day who knows exactly who did what & will answer for
    it then if not in this lifetime, that will be Justice for the little Angel ~

  32. Lilly May says:

    This is so sad. I wrote a report on Haleigh and I’m going to hand out flyers of this. #FindHaleigh

    The website is the flyer if anyone wants to print and help hand them out!

  33. Lilly May says:


    I made this document and it’s to hand out to people. So, print it, and make sure The Little Angel isn’t forgotten!

  34. Kalani says:

    I think misty is innocent. It is disgusting that she got 25 years.

    • Connie says:

      Uhhhh….misty got 25 years for a drug deal which was all caught on tape by undercover cops…..not anything having to do with Haleigh …

  35. jay b says:

    I really think that the old confederacy should have been allowed to win the Civil war and at least the rest of USA would not only have gotten rid of these ignorant judgemental bastards but that they would have gone through appropriate tribulation and perhaps improved themselves in the last 150 years
    You give a girl just turned eighteen TWENTY FIVE YEARS in jail because her cho mo cradle robbing husband was a drug dealer and something unknown happened to his daughter?? A lot of you justify this ridiculous sentence by saying ” Misty Knows something” all though none of you nor anybody else has anything but the wildest speculation on just what that might be. So far after more than 4 years in jail Misty has said nothing no contradictions not even a hint, and yet you are making this naive girl into some sort of Svengali.
    I really have to confess that aside from New Orleans I have grown to despise the entire south and its hippocrtical self righteous so called moralism and its rattlesnake mean spirit.
    There is such a thing as a Constitution even though in Florida you don’t seem to recognize it, it says Innocent until proven guilty, not “we will lock her up in prison for most of the rest of her adult life on the hope that she might tell us something.”
    The sad thing is their does not seem to be an appeals judge or a federal judge who will end this travesty of justice.
    I used to pray to God that he would help Americans see the error of their ways and that we would repent of our arrogance and return to being a Loving nation in communication with our Savior. This entire case has me convinced that that the people of Florida are hopeless.

  36. Billy Austin says:

    really? this is a whole bunch of white trash folks acting like white trash acts. a 5 year old child disappearing in the dead of night never to be seen again? come on. I think they have had it right all along. Little Misty needs to settle down and do her time like a big girl now.

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